Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update on my Life

These past two weeks have been just as good as the first four. We have been extremely busy but it has been really rewarding.  Last week our theme was "ALL FOR ONE" and the sense of building up community.  It was really cool to see everyone come close together and really build everyone up.  At the beginning of the week our action groups, bible studies, had a time to just really be intentional and vulnerable with each other.  It was a great night, monday we had our regular bible study for about three hours and then after we went out to the beach at night and just shared with each other and were extremely open with everything.  It was really cool just to be able to be that open, and also reflect and see what the Lord has done in each one of our lives thus far, and how he is transforming our lives here and now.  On tuesday we had our date night with Jesus but this week instead of doing it on our own it was in a group of three.  That was a really cool experience to just be encouraged by others walks and again just to relate to others.  I love just the community that we are building up here and growing so much together.  Wednesday night night have been the coolest night for me.  We had our mens conference.  This was a time that we were really pushed both physically and spiritually.  We did countless different activities that were grueling.  Through the whole process we were growing with each other and building each other up and encourage one anther through the whole process.  We were able to work as a team and grow in community like no other time.  It was a really cool experience and I can't wait to continue the community feeling throughout the rest of the summer.  The last day that really impacted me last week was Thursday night when one of the staff guys, Lee Hansen on staff on Minnesota, gave a talk about relationships.  He talked about having a personal relationship with others and seeking that intimate relationship with the Lord.  It really impacted me when he said that you need to seek an intimate relationship with the lord and accept nothing less.  And that has been my prayer and desire for this summer.  So yeah this summer has just been really cool to grow like I never have before, and see my faith in a new light.  The Lord has really been working here and in my life. 

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