Monday, June 22, 2009

End of an Awesome week

Killing the Giants week as I said before is one of the most memorable weeks through out all of project.  The semester students, me, have been here for just under a month while the quarter students just got here last week.  So we had been preparing our hearts and minds for this week where as the quarter students were basically just thrown into action right from the start.  It was really cool just to see God's hand over our lives as we stepped out in faith this past week.  As I mentioned before our overall goal for week was to reach 4600 lives with the gospel.  And by the end of the week through trusting in the Lord to provide opportunities and bless our time, we were able to reach 5860 people.  That was totally amazing for all of us to hear, especially me. 

Every year on a project you study something different, wether it be a book of the bible or just a biblical topic it doesn't really repeats itself.  This year instead of looking over a book of the bible we as a project we are studying the Holy Spirit.  Something that has been completely eye opening to me.  So through this past week we were really challenged in a lot of ways to let the Spirit lead our lives. That meaning to be filled by the Spirit and let him work through our lives.  Oe of our main sayings over this week was to that "I can't but He can".  So it was totally amazing to trust in the lord to provide this week.  And also it was completely by the Lords strength and power that we were able to reach that many people last week, there is no possible way that we could have talked to that many people about Christ on our own.  So yeah praise the Lord for that. 

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