Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Killing the Giants

Killing the Giants week is one of the coolest and most powerful weeks while on project.  Our goal is to fully push ourselves as individuals and as an overall team to new levels of sharing our faith.  We set both personal goals and project goals for the week and then we go out in faith and strength through the Holy Spirit and leave the results to God.  That basically means that we step out in faith knowing that we can only do so much to impact a life, but the gospel and the compelling story of Jesus' love changes hearts, character, actions and attitudes.  My personal goal for this week, which was set on sunday night, was to get into 40 great spiritual conversations and or gospel presentations; while the projects goal, everyone's combined, was 4,596.  On Monday night, which means we went out Sunday night and all day up until the 7 pm meeting, they gave stats to encourage us and let us know how we started the week off.  I was completely blown away by the number.  They said we were had already talked to 2,068 people! That being 45% of our entire goal for the week, and we did that just about one full day. So now with yesterday and today in the mix I am sure we are past 50% or 60%.  I personally have been able to get into some great conversations with people, I have had a total of 20 good spiritual conversations and had the opportunity to share the gospel with 12 people, and then I have seen one person come to Christ and make that decision, bringing me to a total of 32 people I have already shared with.  The Lord is doing crazy things here. 
For example: I set my goal pretty high I thought but then my giant was to go out sharing alone and actually make an impact.  The first night, Sunday, I went out with one of my roommate and we got into a few good conversations but most everyone was drunk that we talked to.  So that got me kind of down and discouraged.  The next morning I get up and I decided to go out alone before I had to go pick up a girl at the train station who was coming to project.  I went out in confidence and came back in complete doubt.  I had gotten shot down at least 12 to 14 times and only got into one decently good spiritual conversation.  So I was really down that day and kind of feeling worthless.  But I went out again right before the 7 pm meeting and got into two really good spiritual conversations and then shared the gospel with two kids.  Going out alone was a lot of fun and just to see God's faithfulness was awesome.  Then right after the meeting I went out with one of my friends, Dane, and I stocked my back-pack with a crazy amount of KGP booklets.  By the end of the night we had been sharing for about two or three hours and we had gotten into about 2 to 4 spiritual conversations but we shared the gospel with about 14 people.  At the end of the night I was completely out of every single booklet I had brought.  I was not expecting that at all and God totally used that for his Glory.  That was really cool to see. 
Okay one more story.  Yesterday I went out with my leader, Matt, and we got into a solid conversation with these two guys that said they had just talked to two other people from Crusade. So we tried to see what they kind of got out of it, and were asking lots of questions.  Before we knew it we were sharing the gospel with them and one of the guys prayed to receive Christ.  So it was really cool to see that even if we are just planting the seed that God will use that in people's lives and give them other opportunities.  
So yeah again God is working here in our lives in Ocean City and in the people here.  So just keep praying and thinking of us.  Thanks and I'll keep you updated on the week.  


  1. this is Dad. Great job, keep us posted. I'll pray for you

  2. this time it is Janeen (mom). I'm very proud of you- not simply b/c you know how to keep your room clean and influence others to do so, thereby earning a reward/recognition, but especially b/c you are enjoying yourself in the Lord. His faithfulness is certainly amazing! love you always- mom