Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Catching Up In Ocean City

So it has been three weeks to the day that I have been in Ocean City, New Jersey and many of you have been wondering what is going on out there.  Well I have been extremely busy that is one reason why I haven't been able to call people and stay in contact with them, and have also been getting acclimated to the culture here.  There are so many cool kids here that I get to spend the rest of the summer with.  We have kids from California, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Illinois, Indian, Ohio pretty much all over the place and I love all of them.  It is so cool to be in a community of believers like this one, it's something I have never experienced at this capacity.  There are 110 of us college kids and about 25 staff here, so amazing.  One of the best parts about that is that we are all connected on such a deeper level initially, through our relationship and belief in Jesus Christ, that it is so easy to develop a friendship with them.  
Lets try and catch you guys up on what has been happening.  I live in the Ambassador's Inn on Central and 13th in Ocean City, New Jersey (A short two blocks west of the ocean!!!!) I live on the second floor of the Ambassador in room 303 with four other guys; David (California kid- Chico State and is going to be a Junior), Mike (The Ohio State University and is going to be a Sophomore), Jake (North Dakota State University and is going to be a Junior), and Jeremiah (Wisconsin Lacrosse and is going to be a Sophomore) I love the guys I live with.  We have the biggest guys room in the inn and actually just this week won the cleanest room contest; largely due to my cleanliness and that comes from my mom, thanks mom Love you. But yeah anyways it's me and four other guys in my room and that consists of my bible study, what we call our action group.  We do a lot of stuff together, we obviously have bible study together we have prayer time together and we just hang out together a lot. All of us are under, or being led for the first portion of the summer by a staff guy, Matt Williams who is on staff at Cal Polly Slow. He is a recent graduate from Clemson and is just a really cool and sweet leader.  I personally have been able to connect with him a lot so far, and I hope that continues.  
The first week we had some what of an orientation week and that consisted of going to meetings doing group activities to get to know each other and lots of other cool things; this was our Setting the Pace Week.  That week was really just the get to know each other week and nobody worked or was preoccupied by other things.  That was really cool just to grow with one another in a community. 
The week after that we had our Thirsting to Know Him week. We all, well almost everyone, by that had jobs and were starting to work on a regular basis.  So we have started balancing project along with other priorities.  I personally am working at the supper market near by, Super Fresh, as a cashier.  This week was really meant for all of us to dive deep into our alone time with the Lord and to grow in anticipation of next week.  
This week is one of the coolest weeks on project, KILLING THE GIANTS WEEK.  This week ill get into more later. 
But yeah God is already moving in countless and crazy ways.  I am extremely excited to be here and just to grow a lot in my faith over the summer.  Ill keep you guys posted...

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